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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Social Deviance

creamer Originally uploaded by kreet.

Some people will never behave properly. Some people will always manage to land in their own private Idaho, no matter what the latitude. That's where I wind up, with dem folks. Evidence that I was right to think Maria was Miss Thang: She recently confessed to being busted in college. Pot? No. Drinking? Entirely too pedestrian. Orgies? Nope, better. She was charged with HOUSING A MARSUPIAL. Perfection. I thought I really had something when I stepped in elephant shit in the utter dark wasteland that existed behind the circus tent and asked, after trudging through and over an odd hill remarkable for its texture, "Did anyone else think that hill was weird?" (only to hear, "What hill?" and "JESUS! Do you smell that?"). While cleaning it up might have compared with slummin' it in one of Dante's rings, I certainly didn't get charged with anything. I mean, there's nothing on my permanent record, though I wound up throwing out a pair of shoes. Maria, may you always have something this wonderful in your...uh, pocket. Or pouch. Or something.

Photo credit: "creamer" by kreet (Krista Milito) on flickr (click the photo for more of this artist's work). Krista is a professional photographer with a gift for portraits and fine art, which you can see here. Permission obtained for use.


Blogger Maria said...

As soon as your posts for today popped up in my Kinja digest, I ran over here to see if you were talking about the elephant shit.

I'm so sending you a little key chain light with your b-day present to use whenever there's a hill in the dark! LOL

1/05/2006 04:32:00 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Though a light might cut down on Jen's Dumbass Adventure Potential ™, I would still welcome that gift, lol. I'm not sure what it says about you that I can lure you here with promises of posts on elephant shit (in fact, I'm really not sure what that says about me - after all, I stepped in it, and to this day, I consider it one of my more interesting moments). I'm convinced nonetheless that you are truly worthy of Girl Crush-ness.

1/06/2006 12:20:00 PM  

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