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Friday, January 27, 2006


Originally uploaded by shadowplay.

It’s cold. This is an understatement.

This is the truth: I’m wearing three parkas, which makes it hard to write. The floor is cold enough that I’m standing on only one foot at a time before getting socks on my feet so I won’t touch the floor as much.

The heat has been off in my building since last evening around 4 p.m. I am refusing to shower this morning. While I should be getting clean for the day and scrubbing off sleep, I’m instead focused on trying to do a little work, not out of any ethic, but out of a desire to distract myself from my permanent state of goosebump.

At some point, I want to lower my shoulders from my ears and stop being hunched over. But I need heat for that.

The rheumatoid arthritis component of lupus + drafts of 30 degrees with a wind chill of 18 degrees = not a good match. I keep putting my knuckles in my mouth and sucking on them. It works.

Later today I head to the OB/GYN, and I’m actually looking forward to it because the table is heated.

Photo credit: Photo by shadowplay on flickr (click on photo for direct link and more work by this artist). His website is ShadowplayImages. Permission obtained for use.


Blogger Jami said...

I totally sympathize with you on this issue. I absolutely HATE being cold! One of the main reasons I live down here on the third coast is because I handle hot and sweaty much, much better than I handle cold and goosebumpy. For instance, it was 75 (F) here yesterday and is supposed to be in the low 70's (F again) here today.
(I hope you've managed to warm back up by the time you get this comment.)

1/30/2006 08:34:00 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I am blessed that maintenance got the part it needed for repairs of this very old building by the next day, and that spring has been happening off and on along the East Coast. Today we're at 60 degrees, not too far behind you. Some nights and early mornings in the very low 30s, but oddly, they have been so rare this season - fine by me!

1/30/2006 10:34:00 AM  

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