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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Original

domokun chick orgy Originally uploaded by shboom.

I stand out in a crowd of 9-5 workers.

I don't have the language to describe what it is like to work in order to work; that is, a number of drugs and hours of physical therapy in a day enable me to attempt a "normal" life. That is labor. Being able to work and earn becomes a privilege in and of itself. I may be sick, but that doesn't mean I have to reek of French fries when I come home. Meaningless labor options were the scraps I got from various rehab and vocational assistance places when I first started to investigate training, education, and employment for people with disabilities. I was told that there was no help for a disabled person with significant medical expenses who wanted to go to grad school.

Did everyone who became ill or who didn't win the genetic lottery or who had a traumatic accident get stupid and aspire to underemployment? I went on to my Master's degree and law school anyhow (hellooooooooo, student loans!). No one can survive on scraps, and having rogue white cells doesn't make me grateful for gruel.

Photo credit: "domokun chick orgy" by shboom on flickr (click on photo for more of this artist's work). Permission obtained for use.


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