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It's everything I want to tell people when they make small talk and profound talk, but I often can't. Sickness, sex, and the process of dealing with aging parents feel unspeakable and sometimes unreachable, but they sure aren't here.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Morning-After Face

self (as Marilyn Monroe) Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.

I so hate it when I fall asleep with all my makeup on. I have surrealist impressionist art all over my pillow. All those fabulous lashes look like hundreds of baby spiders trying to attack my eyes. Now I feel zits coming on: shall we aim for the constellation of Capricorn this time? How about Sag?

Photo credit: "self (as Marilyn Monroe)" by zombizi prime (click on photo for more work by this artist). Read his writing and see more os his work at Zombizi Zero-Six.


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