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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Letter to my ex, whom I saw in the gym last week

frozen hearts Originally uploaded by KeliBlonde.

Dear D.,

You know I have a problem with coats.

If I am going to be working out and sweaty, I don't feel like keeping track of my stuff in a locker (I got ripped off that way, anyhow), and I don't want to funk up my coat either.

The better choice for me, as you observed often years ago, has been to abandon the coat, even in sub-freezing temperatures, and run full-throttle into the gym from my car.

Your suspicions were confirmed by a neurologist you never met in '03: the doctor taped a special thermometer to my hand, round and flat, and gawked at the reading: 54 degrees.

You could have told him that.

They were even colder last week when I came in from the cold.

I could have said "hello" to you or even "how are you?" That is not the m.o. of Miss Confuckinggeniality.

Hopefully you can forgive me for responding to your "hello" by grabbing your bare arm as quickly and hard as I could to see if you would yelp.

You didn't even blink. Thanks for not disappointing me.

Miss CFG

Photo credit: "frozen hearts" by KeliBlonde on flickr (click on photo for more work by this artist). Her blog is Perpetual Blonde.


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